A Study in Trees

An arborist I am not.  But I do love trees, so I was quite taken with this tree at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden on the Mall downtown.  I snapped these pictures one morning in early March when I went downtown to skate on the ice rink in the garden.  Unfortunately, their website has not been updated with information about the newest installations, so I don’t know what this sculpture is called or who the artist is.  But it’s my new favorite piece.  [Update: see comments below for info. about the artist!]

In the actual tree department, I fell in love with this tree that I saw last weekend on the banks of the Ottauquechee River in Woodstock, VT.  When I spotted it I thought it was a River Birch tree; we had one in our yard growing up, and I loved it.  After looking around online a bit, I’m more inclined to think it might be a Silver Birch, though in truth it might not be either one.   Whatever kind of tree it is, I thought it was absolutely beautiful, and I love the way the grey afternoon light catches it in this picture.

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5 Responses to A Study in Trees

  1. Katy says:

    The artist is Roxy Paine.

  2. kseverny says:

    this is truly fascinating
    Amazing pictures

  3. Jan says:

    Correct! Roxy Paine. Title: Graft. See: http://www.nga.gov/press/2009/paine.shtm

  4. randasfans says:


  5. girl chris says:

    Both trees — the installation and the real one — are lovely.

    Also, Billygoat, I don’t think I ever responded to your question about That Old Cape Magic. While I didn’t LOVE it (i.e., it didn’t bother me to put it down for a week or two between chapters), it was still a pretty good read. Moves quickly, too. I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5.

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