Books not bullets (see ya when we get back!)

The Capital Weather Gang in DC is calling for another 10-20″ of snow for Tuesday-Wednesday.  If, somehow, we can either avoid that or — otherwise miraculously — the airports are still functioning, we are slated to head out of this winter wonderland on Wednesday morning for a vacation in Costa Rica.

It’ll be my first trip to Latin America, and I’m excited about it.  Having grown up in the South and lived and worked in Europe, I’ve always either been navel gazing or otherwise focused on Western Europe.  So I don’t know too much about Costa Rica.  I’ve been reading up recently, and just yesterday was sent a link to this article from the BBC.

I’m intrigued by Costa Rica’s eco-tourism, and I also recently started hearing about its consistent rankings near the top of the “happiness index.”  There’s a bit about that in the article, as well as links out to more info about the scale.  The article also reports that “Analysts say that Costa Ricans’ apparent happiness could be down to a whole series of factors in addition to greenness: strong social networks of friends, families and neighbours; ubiquitous social and education programmes; and tolerance of social divisions and different opinions.

“Mr Montealegre says there is another factor. ‘A popular piece of philosophy in Costa Rica says no argument or quarrel should last more than three days,’ he says.”

In general, it sounds like heaven.  And since the country abolished its military in 1949, “Successive governments have poured money into books, not bullets.”  That’s a country I look forward to learning more about.  See ya when we get back!

P.S. It also looks like Costa Ricans are about to elect the first woman to be president of the country, Laura Chinchilla.

Update 1: Wednesday morning flight canceled; trying to beat the storm and get to Miami Tuesday night.  Crossing fingers!

Update 2: It’s President Chinchilla to you.

Update 3: We’re not going anywhere until at least Saturday.  New depressing post to follow.

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One Response to Books not bullets (see ya when we get back!)

  1. chris says:

    Oh, Bill. Your delay SUCKS. I’m so very sorry. My fingers and toes are crossed that all goes well from here onward.

    Another silver lining to add to the list, remembered from my trip to Costa Rica a few years ago: when we got off the plane, a taxi driver loaded our stuff into his car, rolled down the windows, and offered us delicious cold beers from a cooler he kept in the backseat. Beer! In the taxi! The warm wind whipping my hair into my eyes! (That part was more fun than it sounds.) Anyway, this kind of paradise awaits you in a few short days…keep that chin up, sweets.

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