Another day in the Tundra — dashed hopes edition

Dun. Dunn. Dunnnnn … that’s the sound of something — like my dreams — grinding to a halt. Or at the very least, our travel plans.

This morning it’s a toss-up between two phrases vying for Favorite:

1) Trip Insurance (wish we had it)
2) Silver Lining (desperately searching for one)

The first call from American Airlines came yesterday afternoon: Wednesday morning’s flight canceled.

No worries; we’re flexible — new booking on a Tuesday evening flight to Miami.  Ever resourceful, I phoned up my gal pal JJJ and we were all set for a PM reunion on South Beach. The second call came a little after 10 o’clock last night: Tuesday evening flight canceled.  Next up?  A Saturday morning departure. That equation looks something like this: (lots and lots of hard work + happiness + joy + planning + deposits) X (snow X 24-34 inches + phone calls from airline – 4 days at the beach) = 😦

Clearly I’m not a mathematician, but you get the point.

Anyway, since the trip is technically still on, here are some front runners in the Silver Lining Department:

1) I’ll get to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremonies after all.
2) The airlines called before we left, so we are stranded at home rather than in the airport — which, by definition, I suppose means we are not stranded at all.
3) While not on vacation, we are also not at work — the city is still completely shut down.
4) The vacation days we save are vacation days we can use some other time (this one is a stretch, but it popped into my head anyway).
5) All the Big Universal ones, like we are healthy, employed, not in Haiti, etc.

And for those of you in a cave, here’s a remarkable video courtesy of DCist courtesy of whoever made it that, had I made it myself, I would have titled: Why We’re Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon.

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One Response to Another day in the Tundra — dashed hopes edition

  1. J says:

    Brave, bold, and thorough Silver Lining List. Bravo! #4 is not a stretch and (I predict) will loom larger as time goes by. RE: #1 –> come over here to watch it on HD courtesy of FIOS (remarkably, it does actually work), if the world is passable on Friday. Otherwise, XXXXXXOOOO

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