We’re having some weather!

Call it what you will: Snowpocalypse; Snowmageddon; Snowgasm; or, one of my faves, snOMG!

We thought we got the big one back in December; not so.  This weekend’s Snowpocalypse walloped us with two feet of snow over about 36 hours. Seriously, by comparison, December was a warm up.  Unforch, we may not be out of the woods yet, with another storm predicted for tomorrow. Here are some shots from the weekend.

Things began innocently enough on Friday afternoon; this was around 2pm as I headed to the bar!

By comparison, here’s the same shot not quite 24 hours later, around 11 o’clock Saturday morning:

Before I get ahead of myself, though, let’s jump back to Friday pm, when we came sliding out of the bar around 8.  Here are a few shots that I snapped as we shuffled home.

Buses were still running on Wisconsin Ave — they suspended service that night around 11 and they still aren’t back in service, as of mid-morning Monday.

Heading down Calvert St:

And beautiful 39th Place.

Then BAM!  Morning.

Ye ole Bill Mobile — as it should be: parked.

I.D.I.O.T.S.  Seriously: where are you going?????

This is my fave, as you may be able to tell from my new header:

Gotta say: love it.  The storm was amazing and we were lucky enough to not lose power, unlike a lot of people in the District, MD, and VA.  By mid-afternoon, however, I was ready for it to stop.  I’m a worrier by nature, and as the day wore on I seriously began to get concerned.  Enter wine and neighbors who came over for dinner, and all was well.

And then, the next morning.  Oh. My. God.

This is the intersection of 41st and Davis:

We descended the path down into Glover Archbold Park:

We hiked around in the woods for an hour or so then returned to reality.  Reality was: 1) Cabin Fever — people venturing out:

2) Americans love their cup holders — J’s car seemed perfect:

3) Give Peace a Chance — when hippies attack [my car]:

4) Digging out — not that I didn’t love the peace sign:

5) Staying safe — that’s our fire hydrant:

Anyway, if you don’t think it will bore you to tears, the full show’s here.

Now I have to go dig out shorts, t-shirts, and swim trunks to pack for Costa Rica. Here’s hoping we can get out of here!

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3 Responses to We’re having some weather!

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    This is amazing! While I’m glad we’re not there to deal with the snow, I feel a little left out to not be having the adventure y’all are getting!

    Hope the snowpocalypse doesn’t get in the way of your trip!

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