I left too soon

In this latest installment of Olympics Fever (Kwan Style), let’s examine just how bad my timing in life truly is.  Why is that, you wonder?  Because now that I no longer live in Boston, Michelle Kwan does.  Okay, okay, I left Boston two and a half years ago, so it’s not like we were ships passing in the night, but still: I lived five blocks from where she is standing in this picture!

According to the Globe article, “The most decorated figure skater in American history (two Olympic medals, five world titles, nine national championships) now totes a backpack crammed with books, a computer and a Kindle.

‘My friends here know me as Michelle the Student,’ she says.”

Oh my god.  Heart, be still.  She has a Kindle?!

Upon reflection, a bit of distance is probably a good thing.  Seeing as I’m not terribly good with celebrity encounters, I would likely make a fool of myself if I ever actually ran into her; or otherwise I could end up spending inordinate amounts of time patrolling the stacks in Ginn.  Or worse.

In the end I love her even more knowing that she’s gone back to school, that she seems happy, that she’s gotten on with her life and that, periodically, she watches videos of herself on Youtube.  Me too, sister; me too.

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