T-minus (here we go!)

The Vancouver Olympics kick off in just 9 days!  Somehow the Olympics were not yet on my radar four months ago when I booked a trip so I will be out of the country for the opening ceremonies and the first [deep breath] 10 days of competition!  Whatever.  I’ll live.  All while trying to pretend like I have a healthy perspective on these things.  Recently my internal monitor has been saying things like: “Idiot, why in the world are you worried about missing the Olympics when you will be missing them because you’ll be relaxing on a beach in Costa Rica?”  I know; I know.  And still …

So I’m soaking up all the unnecessary and ridiculous Olympics Angst before I leave, starting with this: courtesy of the New York Times — profiles of “stars of yesteryear.”

I’ve also been warming up my mouth trumpet so I will be ready to play the theme music constantly during my vacation in solidarity with all the athletes, spectators, fans everywhere, and that douchebag Bob Costas.  Listen:

In 2002 during the Salt Lake Games, I annoyed everyone in the library by trumpeting the theme (à voix basse) whilst pushing my cart around and rearranging book displays.  One of my colleagues who actually went to the Olympics that year brought me a magnet which I promptly affixed to the forward grill of my metal pushcart. It was fabulous. That was the year of Michelle Kwan’s victory — [eh hem] over adversity if not her actual opponents.  I’ll never forget it.  Luckily much of the 2010 ice skating drama will not go down until I am back at home and glued — friendless and unashamed — to the television coverage.  I can’t wait to find out what kind of adventure and excitement this year will bring.

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4 Responses to T-minus (here we go!)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Think of me when you watch the ice dancing – in part because of our shared love of Torvill & Dean, and also because two of the US pairs are from Ann Arbor!

  2. Pickle Freak says:

    “forward grill”. nice.
    you will never, ever have to apologize to ME for being glued to a TV, even if it is for something as gay as the Olympics. TV is TV. Let’s watch some now.

  3. chris says:

    “Warming up my mouth trumpet” is the best thing I’ve read in some time. And I’m with Katy — TV excitement is a good thing. No shame!

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