Asshole at Purdue

I saw this story last week out of Purdue University and, oh my, what a blow hard.

It calls into question several things for me: freedom of speech (he’s got every right to think, say, and write what he wants); tenure (a process that should be reevaluated, in general); and the tragic fact that bigotry against gay people is still widely accepted (and deemed acceptable).  I love this Purdue sophomore’s response, however:

“One sophomore wrote to The Purdue Exponent, the student newspaper: ‘That’s right. I’ll call for his job. As a student, as a lesbian, as a human being, I believe with every fiber of my being that Purdue University in no way should affiliate itself with the hateful, bigoted opinions of Professor Chapman. It would serve Professor Chapman well to know that there are quite a few ‘sexually deviant’ students on this campus and they just happen to pay his salary…. Imagine that Professor Chapman’s blog had been titled, ‘An Economic Case Against Interracial Marriage’ or ‘An Economic Case Against the Disabled.’ How would the Purdue administration react if they knew a professor was convinced racial segregation should still be in place or that the disabled should just stay home because building a ramp to a library would cost too much money?'”

Keep the fight, sister.  Your words have power.

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