Dolly! Dolly! Dolly!

I just love anyone who manages to rhyme a’courtin’ with ought’n, which makes me predisposed to adore Dolly Parton.  The Queen of one-liners is the focus of an NPR Music tribute in honor of her release of, well, Dolly — a new 99 song box set. Like Madge before, NPR took this festive occasion to get some of its staffers to highlight some of their favorite songs and albums.

Dolly Parton

Trey Graham writes, “Behind the big wigs and the rhinestone dazzle, beyond the big-screen successes and the unmistakable entrepreneurial savvy, Parton is one of the greatest singer-songwriters country music — and maybe the country — has ever produced. Over a five-decade career, she’s proved equally adept as a spinner of delicate old-school bluegrass tunes and Nashville-savvy chart-bait. If there’s a purer, cleaner, more heartbreaking high-lonesome voice still singing at her age (not that we’d mention it), Parton has probably written a deeply moving story-song for the person who owns it.”

Even though nobody bothered to review anything off White Limozeen, at least Islands in the Stream got a shout out for being the greatest karaoke duet ever!

Now you try it!

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2 Responses to Dolly! Dolly! Dolly!

  1. chris says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Dolly. “Islands in the Stream” was my first official radio request (I called in and talked to the DJ and everything). Love her.

  2. randasfans says:

    I adore that you called in to your local radio station to request Islands in the Stream. My first memory of that song was when I was with my father at a hunting camp in the Mississippi Delta and it came on the little radio while we were sitting around eating cold cuts. I really think the song saved me.

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