Hate Crimes Victory

I wrote some about the Hate Crimes law that was signed last week by President Obama.  I’m revisiting it a bit today, because it is still a bright spot in spite of what happened at the polls yesterday.  The result in Virginia was totally unsurprising (what an awful campaign by Creigh Deeds!); New Jersey a bit more so; and Maine downright heartbreaking.

Which is why I’m ignoring all of that (!) and focusing instead on this lovely piece by Stephen Sprinkle of the Brite Divinity School.  He writes, in part:

“Passage and signing the Matthew Shepard Act into law will not magically stop the killing.  Record numbers of LGBTQ Americans, especially young transgender people of color, are dying violently all across the land.  But the high water mark of hatred has been scotched with the stroke of a pen with President Obama’s signature on this historic bill.  The end of the beginning of full equality for my people has come.  And we who believe in the fullness of justice will not rest until it comes and will continue to preach, to pray, and to advocate until all of us our [sic] free to love without the threat of violence.”

You can read the rest of his essay here.

You can also see more pictures and video and read the president’s remarks from last week’s signing reception here.

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