Paradise Lost (but not quite yet!)

Yesterday I saw this bumper sticker: Farmland Lost is Farmland Lost Forever.

When I got home I looked it up and found that you, too, can get a bumper sticker like this from the Piedmont Environmental Council.

They have a fantastic mission, focusing on education and policy in areas that include clean air and water; energy solutions; and transportation solutions.  All laudable goals.  I just find it ironic to pull up to a stop sign and see one of their stickers displayed proudly on the rear end of an urban assault vehicle like this one:


I would never suggest that Suburban drivers cannot be environmentalists too; but it does make me question — at the very least — their sense of humor.

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1 Response to Paradise Lost (but not quite yet!)

  1. blissbait says:

    My favourite penning of such irony was Don Henley’s line from ‘Boys of Summer’:

    ‘Out on the road today, saw a dead-head sticker on a Cadillac’

    Thanks for thinking about these things and taking action. Namaste. 🙂

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