DC’s National Cathedral

This may round out my hanging-on-to-summer-don’t-want-it-to-get-cold-even-though-I-love-winter-clothes posts.  I finally went to the National Cathedral a few weeks ago.  It’s an odd spectacle to see something like it in DC — especially considering how absurdly young it is — but nonetheless it’s a beautiful building with really lovely grounds and gardens.

The cathedral is a staple of the Northwest DC horizon and has, in the past, inspired in me the thought: wow, that’s so not close to anything.  That was, of course, before I moved less than a mile away from it.  But even then, I didn’t actually go there until a couple of weeks ago when Sara and Hazel were visiting, and they came into town with Janet, Rachel, and Ryan.  We went up and walked around the grounds, took some pictures in the grass, wandered through the interior (during choir practice, which was pretty cool), and finally up to the observation level.  It’s an amazing place (and even more stunning when seen from the air; if you can request a southward approach to National Airport while seated on the lefthand side of the plane, I would recommend it)!

Here are a few photos:

The one of Sara jumping like a crazy person was taken as a complement to this action shot of me, which she took the day before whilst I was pretending to play tennis:

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