White House Tour

As Fall sets in, I’m trying to wrap up summer posts that I never got around to, including a quick mention of our tour of the White House back in late August.  It was amazing.  The Obama administration reached out to the Human Rights Campaign and offered a ticket to every employee plus one guest.  Luckily, I was a +1!

The White House is free and open to the public, but from what I hear it takes a lot of forethought and advance planning to actually score tickets (6 months at the least is what I’ve heard).  Visitors enter through a ground-floor entrance in the East Wing and walk through several large corridors off of which are rooms like the Library, Vermeil Room, and China Room.  You can’t actually enter those rooms, but you can peek.  Upstairs, visitors have access to pretty much the entire main floor of the house, which includes the grand entrance (north side) and hallway, the East Room, Green Room, Blue Room, Red Room, and finally the State Dining Room.  Here’s a picture of the map they gave us; I know it’s kind of difficult to see:

I was amazed at how small the place actually is.  Don’t get me wrong, my entire apartment would fit snugly inside one of the fireplaces, but still.  It looks so big from outside, when in reality it’s a pretty modest place.  It was a wonderful tour; I was surprised by how excited I was to get to see it.  Photography was prohibited inside, but here are a few from outside the north (main) entrance.

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