Celebration of an Icon

There’s a lot being said and written (and snarked) out there about Madonna’s new album that’s coming out next week, Celebration.  I’m more nostalgic than excited, but it’s hard to ignore all the buzz.  True Blue was one of the first two albums I ever owned, on cassette, the other being The Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels.  Odd pairing, I’ll give you that.  With one I was dancing around behind my closed bedroom door, lip syncing before I knew what that meant.  With the other I was trying to impress my big brother.  You figure it out.

Anyway, from among all the buzzes: this is an interesting [which is to say long] article from The Sunday Times:

Madonna: a rare and candid interview with the Queen of Pop

Best of all is that NPR is covering the release, and they’ve put together a compilation of music and commentary in a way that only NPR can.  Let’s review: Madonna’s greatest weakness?  It’s her “self-serious bloviating.”  Open Your Heart? An “audio/visual dichotomy.”  Perhaps you never realized that in Like a Prayer Madonna’s “voice is plaintive and reedy and her diction oddly formal in places” (but by 1999, apparently, her voice was “burnished, ductile, knowing”).  And, of course, Ray of Light has the power (or at least once did) to make “the ciabatta with marmite and the elderflower cordials seem ineffably fabulous.”

And then there’s this:

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