Shop Amazon and Help Support Literacy!

Do you ever shop using  Consider taking a simple extra step to help promote literacy and support reading programs by accessing Amazon through the Books for America website next time!  From the Books for America website, just click on the Amazon logo and you’ll be taken directly to your Amazon account.  It’s super easy!  And each time you access Amazon via Books for America, Amazon will donate up to 15% of the proceeds from anything you purchase. Especially with the holidays coming up, this is a quick and easy way to make a big difference by helping to support literacy initiatives in the nation’s capital.

According to their website:

Buying BOOKS, MOVIES, MUSIC, GIFTS, HOUSEWARES, CLOTHES OR ANYTHING from Simply click on the Amazon logo and will give up to 15% of your purchase to us!  Please always come back and click here first when shopping on As soon as you click on the logo you’ll be all set to shop and Books for America will receive the funds from amazon.

More about Books for America below, or click here to start shopping!

Books for America is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Washington, DC that is having a huge impact on thousands of disadvantaged individuals in the Nation’s Capital and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our mission is to promote literacy, life-long learning and understanding by distributing donated new and used books of all types and other forms of educational media to organizations serving disadvantaged communities and individuals.

The majority of our current programs focus on collecting books for children. However, because we collect all types of books, we are able to provide books to people of all ages.  This makes Books for America unique among most non-profit organizations in the United States.  Recipients include adult and youth literacy programs, youth centers, transitional homeless shelters, hospitals, inner-city and rural schools, military bases, assisted living communities for seniors, veterans hospitals, women’s shelters, hospices, and other such organizations.

We obtain needed items both from donation drives held in communities, and also directly from publishers. Items you wish to donate could also be shipped directly to us.

Books for America is making great strides in fighting illiteracy and increasing knowledge and understanding – but we need your help!

Your tax-deductible financial support is urgently needed to enable Books for America to continue and expand its efforts to collect and deliver books and more to needy organizations throughout the United States. Every dollar you donate helps us provide several wonderful books to deserving children and adults! Click here to donate

Visit our book store in Dupont Circle!  Please click on the bookstore link above for hours and additional information.

Books for America
1417 22nd St., NW
Washington, DC  20037
202.835.BOOK  202.835.2665

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  1. Abra Ebner says:

    Big fan, I like this!

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