Hell Yeah, Juan Martin!

Juan Martin del Potro upset R Fed at the 2009 U.S. Open, and I am pumped.  I adore Roger, but during my first season of anything more than watching tennis on television, I’ve seen del Potro twice, so couldn’t help but be excited to see him pull this off.  I saw him win over Melzer at the Open a week and a half ago, and we also saw him beat Fernando Gonzalez on his run up to winning the Legg Mason Tennis Classic in DC.  Our seats were much better in New York, but here are a few from the Washington tournament:

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3 Responses to Hell Yeah, Juan Martin!

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  2. J says:

    I just watched the first four sets of the Final Rog vs. Juan Martin match on tv last night. (Hey, better late than never, eh? And my tape ended at the end of the 4th because I set it for whatever “x” hours because I was sure Rog would have this guy dusted off and sent packing fairly quickly. Ho ha. But being all that as it may . . . ) I was very impressed with JM’s heart. That scamp never gave up despite one of the most awful first sets in recent memory. (A bagel for JM if Rog had been serving half as well as normal for him.) To stand firm, gather it together, and return from that first set says quite a bit for the mental make up of a (mere) 20-yr old. Clearly we can expect much from Hell Yeah Juan Martin in the future. Looking forward to it!

  3. randasfans says:

    J — so glad you saw it! I totally agree with you: one of the worst first sets ever. I was *hoping* that it would go at least to a 4th … never imagined the outcome that we got, tho. Rog wasn’t serving his best, but it doesn’t take away from JM’s play; he was outstanding. We’ll have to get tix and go to Legg Mason together next year.

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