U.S. Open 2009

I was lucky enough to attend the U.S. Open last weekend, and it was awesome.  We had tickets for the Friday (Sep 4) day matches.  It was an exquisite day in New York. We took our friends and hosts, who had just moved to NYC the previous week.  They were so gracious to put us up and it was fabulous spending the weekend with them.

The tone for the day was set while we were still in the cab on our way to Queens:

I had diligently saved my pennies and started the day off with the signature U.S. Open event cocktail, the Honey Deuce. Sponsored by Grey Goose, this cocktail was created especially for the Open, and came served in its very own commemorative U.S. Open [plastic] highball glass, of which I managed to start a small collection.  Mix your own Honey Deuce; they were quite tasty, and the speared frozen melon balls were very festive.  (Editor’s note: use Chambord).

But anyway …

I took all of these pictures with my iPhone, and was relatively pleased with the overall quality.  Apart from the fact that I think there are actual people in the foreground of the photo above, I still dug the way the clouds turned out as a backdrop to the Unisphere.

Like I said, our newest favorite New Yorkers came with us:

And we met most of Jeremy’s family there, as well:

Naturally, there was a mid-afternoon time-out for the requisite height check.  Congratulations, Paul!

And, oh, right, the TENNIS!  We saw some great matches, including del Potro’s match against Melzer (del Potro is currently in the semi-finals), the epic match between Ginepri and Almagro (both of whom are now out), and we got to see Kim Clijsters in the early rounds as she defeated Flipkins (two days before she went on to upset Venus Williams).  We were there so early in the tournament that many people were still playing; it was great.  There were matches going on all over the complex.  Following are a few shots from our seats in Louis Armstrong.

This is Arthur Ashe from Louis Armstrong:

Juan Martin Del Potro:

And a couple of Kim Clijsters:

And, lastly, me: a little tilty.

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4 Responses to U.S. Open 2009

  1. chris says:

    Love the Unisphere photo! And I’m so jealous you got to go to this. Hope you wore your tennis whites, good sir.

  2. Jill Johnson says:

    God- you are too cute! I for one liked your shot of the black van…gives a girls an idea or two!

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