The perils of working on a Saturday

I work next door to a notoriously malfunctioning Starbucks.  Statistically, it is the busiest Starbucks franchise in the country, which could perhaps be interpreted as an excuse for its poor service, but I don’t buy it.  Due to its ridiculous convenience, my best attempts at boycotting have historically lasted only a few hours.

I just popped next door for a pick-me-up afternoon latte and how, you may wonder, did Starbucks manage to one-up itself in terms of quality customer service?  During cross-counter beverage transfer, the overly-enthusiastic barista tipped the drink over and, while it didn’t spill outright, sent a large dollop of fluffy steamed milk shooting through the sip-hole and sailing through the air where it landed directly on the top of my head!  While I didn’t really mind, I also would not recommend skim milk as a substitute for quality hair product.  Amazing.

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1 Response to The perils of working on a Saturday

  1. Aimee says:

    I just spit all over my computer screen laughing at this…luckily I wasn’t drinking a latte.

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