So far, so good

This would have been a more appropriate title had I actually been writing along the way, but as it’s already Thursday and this is the first tripcation* post, maybe it doesn’t make so much sense.  Oh well.  (*A note about tripcations: Jer and I had a conversation several years ago about the difference between a trip and a vacation, coming to the conclusion that vacations come without expectations; therefore anything involving work, some other friends, or family can’t qualify as a vacation; thus trip. For this particular voyage we’re all over the map, so I’m thinking in new terms of tripcation.)

We started out last weekend in Chattanooga with wonderful HRC folks; new friends all around.  While it was technically work for Jeremy, there were cocktails aplenty and a fantastic white water rafting excursion down the Okoee, so I didn’t mind.  Didn’t get many pics, but these are some gin-u-wine rapids on the Okoee, not far from the take out point.


We had a boat of six, plus one guide who was a sweetheart, even if he did try to flip us on one occasion.  We were a coordinated outfit, however, and we outfoxed him at the last minute and stayed afloat.  At one point he took us “surfing” atop one of the rapids.  His instructions were that if we did not want to risk falling out, we should hunker down in the bottom of the boat and stay put.  Well, on his mark five of us ducked and covered, but not Jer.  He assumed the risk of leaning this way and that as we were pulverized by the water.  It was great fun.  Jer lasted a good while before he got whooshed overboard and launched down river.  I don’t even think he was startled; we paddled after him and before long had him hauled back in the boat.  The whole journey was perfectly gorgeous and peaceful (you know, during the rapid-less floating parts) and funny.  The last few rapids of the day were large and in charge,  and I suffered a minor finger injury. Lucky for me someone was on hand shortly thereafter with a cosmopolitan, which cured me.  It was like a miracle; a new wonder drug!

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