à bout de souffle

I have been told that in order to increase (and sustain) blog readership, short(er) more frequent posts are best.  My problem with that is severalfold: a) I am, on the whole, long-winded; b) I tend to subscribe to the quality over quantity school of thought, which runs counter to web culture’s bedrock of instant gratification ; and c) I don’t have time.  But I am determined to try to make this work, dammit.  So here it goes:

Last Sunday Jeremy ran in the George Washington Parkway Classic 5k.  I dropped him off at 6:45 in the morning, and by 7 was installed on a bench on the edge of the Potomac drinking coffee and reading the Atlantic.  Janet and Rachel joined me around 8, as did the sun.

By about 8:40 here he came, racing down Union Street:

My camera totally sucks (which should in no way diminish the speed with which Jeremy zoomed past us) so this is the next shot I got:

Then finally, by 9am, here we were celebrating and discussing breakfast plans:

Hurrah for Jeremy, short(ish) posts, and Spring!

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2 Responses to à bout de souffle

  1. Sara says:

    You should limit your posts to 140 characters! – Sara

  2. randasfans says:

    Speaking of 140 characters or less, check this out: it’s very funny — http://mcsweeneys.net/2009/4/20lanham.html

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