I miss you Michelle Collins!

Now, there’s not *exactly* anything to miss, as she hasn’t technically gone anywhere that I’m aware of. However, she’s no longer blogging at her old site, rather she followed her own success right over to Best Week Ever, where she still posts regularly. the-white-tyra-michelle-collins2She can’t help that she was poached from her own award-winning site: the bitch is funny. I guess the downside for me of her being over at Best Week is that it sort of curtails her ability to entertain me with what I had come to see as her own wildly well- articulated take on life. Which is not to say that she’s not putting her stamp on Best Week; she is. It is to say, however, that it’s now necessary for her to write within the narrow confines of entertainment television. Not too constricting or inspiration killing, I wouldn’t imagine, but it still doesn’t leave much room for her to wax sardonic about things like cats, her mother, jury duty, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show, etc.

Who, I ask seriously, has ever had a better reaction to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition than Michelle Collins? Or, for that matter, put a still (what else?) photo of Terri Schiavo to such meaningful use? (Speaking of ole T.S., with whom I am totally obsessed, the 4th anniversary of her corporeal passing will be here soon, and I suspect I’ll have more to say about that, espesh since reading this just last week.) Unfortunately, these posts are old and some of the pics refuse to load, but you’ll get the point. Which is what, precisely? That I miss Michelle Collins. Of course I can visit her over at Best Week, but I have to say I am still looking forward to the day when she gets back to her own writing … in the meantime, thank god for the archives.

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2 Responses to I miss you Michelle Collins!

  1. Keri says:

    Oh my god. Her Schiavo entry was entirely inappropriate. I love it.

  2. Ehrika says:

    She is undoubtedly a genius!
    Without her posts my wife now has resorted to image searching her own cat photos all day to keep from working.

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