Rat tails want to be free, pt. 2

While it might sound strange that this guy’s rat tail would cause me to start thinking about blogging, much less that I would be inspired by it, here’s what came to mind: that!shit!took!time!  As I stumbled along on the treadmill, watching this disgusting dancing hair tail wiggle around underneath his t-shirt, I couldn’t help but start to admire the guy’s dedication.  I mean, there was a definite commitment between him and this thing.  It was a part of him, and clearly had been for a long time.  They must have negotiated a hundred different sets of circumstances in ways that I, with my neatly trimmed neck line, couldn’t begin to imagine — the first kiss with someone new when s/he reaches around to grab the back of your neck (wtf!); swimming pool drains; collared shirts; airport security.  I mean, he’s had to think this stuff through.  (What happens, for instance, when he wears a necktie?  Does it buckle above his neckline and get stuck out in the open, like a braided inch worm?) 

Anyway, the ideas of dedication and commitment are what sprung to mind, and all of this just happened to coincide with the fact that I’d recently begun to think about starting a blog.  I’d thought about it for years, but always got hung up on the commitment factor; the dedication that would be required to maintain it — what if I didn’t feel like posting?  What if I didn’t have anything to say?  What if no one read it?  It was as if that rat tail had actually flown loose and smacked me in the face as I trundled along behind it, saying: look at me!  I am beautiful!  I took time and energy and effort to create, and look how I turned out!  And further more, so what if not everyone appreciates my beauty and distinction?  

All this from a rat tail?  Probably not.  But in the re-membering it seems to work. And what is certain is that when I climbed down from the treadmill, heaving and limping for the door, I decided to give this a shot, thinking: rat tails have a lot to say for identity, individuality, dedication, and commitment.  So, too, do blogs.

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5 Responses to Rat tails want to be free, pt. 2

  1. Keri says:

    and imagine the grooming… does he get the ends trimmed? deep conditioned?

  2. chris says:

    Love it. I’m equally horrified and transfixed. (Also oddly pleased to think of you and me both logging hard-won miles on treadmills several states apart…not sure why that tickles me, but it does.)

  3. Ehrika says:

    Is this for real?? What the??? Please capture a picture somehow the next time your sweatin’ it up with rat boy!

  4. randasfans says:

    Oh it was real all right. I’m going back again today, unless I get totally distracted by happy hour. Maybe he’ll be there.

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